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Tips to Build A Strong


  1. Confirm information for jurisdictional variances that AI may not account for.

  2. Review AI-generated content for accuracy, and ensure final content is unbiased and in-line with local laws.  

  3. Fact-check and validate all AI-provided data/statistics using trusted sources.

  4. Use plagiarism tools to check AI-generated text for potential copyright infringement.


  1. Never share personal, private, proprietary, or other sensitive data with ChatGPT.

  2. Don’t assume AI-generated answers are correct without checking.

  3. Don’t use AI tools to generate official legal documents or statements.

  4. Don’t let AI replace the nuanced expertise of experienced title search professionals for historical property records.



TIP: Due to the industry variations consider including your geographic area for better results

  • Title Insurance Specialist

  • Real Estate Closing/Settlement Agent

  • Title Examiner

  • Title Claims Investigator 

  • Title Insurance Underwriter

  • Foreclosure Specialist


  • Real Estate Broker/Agent

  • Commercial Real Estate Broker/Agent

  • Real Estate Consumer

  • Real Estate Buyer/Seller

  • First-Time Homebuyer

  • Real Estate Developer

  • Real Estate Law Firm

  • Lender

  • Real Estate Investor

  • Trust/Estate Planners

  • Homebuilder


  • Professional

  • Instructional

  • Persuasive

  • Reassuring

  • Inspirational

  • Confident

  • Formal

  • Witty

  • Casual


  • Article

  • Headline

  • Blog Post

  • Ad Copy

  • Landing Page

  • Email

  • Presentation

  • Hashtags

  • Tutorial

  • Video Script

  • Social Media Post

  • Proposal

  • Bullet Points

  • Research Summary

  • Table



  • Compose a personalized sales email to a potential customer promoting [product/service description], highlighting [features and benefits].

  • Generate a script to use when cold calling [insert persona] about [product/service description]

  • Generate 5 persuasive subject lines for an email about [insert description]

  • Write 5 pieces of invitation copy for [summer networking event].



  • Explain [topic] in [layman’s terms / in detail] 

  • Explain [topic] with examples as they relate to [audience]

  • Create a step-by-step guide to [process]

  • Explain [insert topic] in simple terms


  • Generate 5 blog post ideas about [insert topic]

  • Create a 30-day social media calendar about [insert topic]

  • Write LinkedIn carousel ad copy about [insert topic]

  • Compose LinkedIn carousel ad copy using the following content: [insert notes or content draft]

  • Write 5 pieces of [social media platform] ad copy for [product/service description]

  • Provide hashtags for the following [social media platform] post to increase engagement. 



  • Draft a standard email reply for customer inquiries about [topic]

  • Develop landing page content that explains [topic]

  • Condense this knowledge base article into a step-by-step guide: [article content]


  • Review and refine this text to enhance its clarity:

  • Recast this content for novice comprehension:

  • Digest the material and itemize key insights and facts:

  • Convert this text into [language]:

  • Alternative expressions for: [sentence or headline]

  • Abstract this article and list the central insights: [article content]


  • After your AI content has been generated, use feedback prompts to further improve the results. 

  • Condense into a brief overview

  • Provide examples

  • Regenerate using first-person POV

  • Explain/Expand/Elaborate

  • Simplify/Condense

  • Define [term/phrase]

  • Provide [number] alternate options

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