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Title Industry Expertise

Dedicated to providing title industry professionals with the marketing resources, solutions, tools, and expertise they need to enhance their brand and drive strategic growth.

Sheli Cordero


With over two decades of experience in the title insurance industry, creating, developing, and launching campaigns that drive revenue and brand awareness, I understand the impact of effective marketing, along with the unique complexities and regulations that accompany the industry.

My career includes 23 years at one of the nation's largest underwriters, where I supported the marketing needs of title agents across the country as Vice President of Marketing and Communications.


Leading a full-service department in the creation of marketing campaigns across all states and mediums, including print, social media, and digital platforms, for over 40 enterprise products, services, and technologies, I developed streamlined processes, allowing the team to maximize results and work smarter, not harder.


Always seeking to provide innovative solutions to support the marketing needs of policy-issuing agents, in 2019, I created and launched the most successful B2B/B2C eCommerce marketing resource platform for title agents.

Station 11

When I decided to open my own firm, yes, I could've called it Cordero Consulting, but that's not my style. Station 11 was inspired by the other half of my life; the fire station where my husband spent the majority of his more than 30-year career. It's where we met, got engaged, and practically raised our twin boys, who are now heading into college.


Like the title industry, firefighting is a unique profession filled with specialists in their field. Every call is time-sensitive, and every step of the process is important. No, we’re not saving lives, but marketing requires specific tools, resources, and techniques utilizing the knowledge of the experts around us. We can put out fires large and small  using the most advanced tools and techniques available to get the job done.

And simply put, there's nothing cooler than a firefighter!


Sheli Cordero

Founder & President


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Let's Get to Work!

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